Websites, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing

We live in an era in which every day are born or dying many software products. Thanks to them, the information is easily accessible, and the business data are faster processed. The social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn , even if they did not make us more social, gave each of us the opportunity to speak our mind and to have a quick and easy choice for countless products and services.  

The whole digital revolution provides to the companies many opportunities, but also hides within not a few risks. Despite their popularity, the different social media are not equally suitable for all business sectors. But most of all, none of them sells alone. It sells the clear strategy and the consistent marketing approach, considering the target group with price range and quality of the offered product or service. The presentation site, e-shop, mobile App, digital marketing, CRM, or the fan page are tools whose function is to support business development.

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In the past more than 10 years, we have gained valuable experience in the field of digital marketing and software technologies. It helps us to identify the exact tools for the specific product or service, to tailor our consultations to the customer’s needs and to offer complete software solutions or digital marketing strategy.

We offer:

  • Project Management and Development of different types of websites, with integration of WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and other type of CMS-sytems using proven IT partners. 
  • e-Commerce management and e-Commerce merchandising.
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing.
  • Facebook and Google Ads, media planning of different display ad formats.
  • Training of teams in Digital Marketing and MIS.
  • Administration of various Internet and intranet platforms.