Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting

Marketing is one of the fast-growing economics areas, which like the trade exist from the moment when people started to exchange goods and services with each other. According to etymologists, the term "marketing" dates from the 16th century, since then constantly enriching and developing its functions to the changing market. 

In its current form, working in a world where more products or services are produced than clients, marketing is addressed to satisfy customer’s needs. 

With the development of digital technology, it is often used as a term instead of promotional activities, advertising, PR, media buying etc. All of them are part of marketing but applied singly without a complete strategy are not effective enough. Convinced of the veracity of this statement, in WIRK we apply the following sequence in marketing planning and subsequent implementation:

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Why is the strategic approach important?

Over the years, we have repeatedly witnessed how in the absence of a clear structure in planning, implementation, and subsequent reporting, marketing activities are not effective enough and companies do not maximize their benefits from them. Therefore, we do not recommend our clients to spend chaotic funds on any part of the 7P Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion, Process, People, Physical Evidence). 

We offer:

  • Research and analysis by first and secondary data. SWOT and 7P analysis. Marketing audit. 
  • Development of short, medium, and long-term marketing strategies for a company or brand. Creating, management and implement of quarterly, half-year and/or annual marketing plans.
  • Planning, budgeting, and selecting the necessary tools for a specific promotional activity. Manage, control, analyze, and report on different type of promotions.
  • Training and leading of marketing and sales teams.
  • Establish and adapt for the relevant market of sales strategies, plans and forecasts for B2B and B2C products or services.
  • Development of strategies and plans for effective customer relationship management programs.